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Mark was born and raised in Wayne, New Jersey (please don't ask "which exit?"). He attended Manhattanville College as a music major, where he received a Bachelor of Music degree. He spent a summer in Fullerton, CA, participating in a special program for young musicians at Disneyland. Mark also spent a summer abroad in Fountainbleau, France, where he attended the prestigious Ecoles d'Art Americaines.

Mark did graduate work in Composition at the College Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati, where he resided before moving to Nashville. He is very active in the Nashville community as a church musician, composer/arranger, recording studio owner, music director for theatre, and tomato farmer.

Mark's principal teachers are listed below:

            Composition:       Nadia Boulanger, Darrell Handel, Ron Herder,
                                           Joel Hoffman, Scott Huston, Jonathan Kramer
            Arranging:            Vic Schoen

            Conducting :        Elliot Magaziner, Elmer Thomas, John Lehman           
            Piano:                   William Harms

            Organ :                 Edgar Hilliar

            Jazz Piano:          Lou Stein, Frank Vincent

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